Kultur- och samtalskväll med ideella föreningen Bharati, Valhallavägen 148 sal 1 (T-bana Karlaplan, Stockholm)

“The world has enough for everyone’s needs, but not everyone’s greed” Mahatma Gandhi.

Matteo Giusti, Ph.D. and researcher in Sustainability Science gives a speech about his own work and mission.

“We are here to ensure that the lifestyle we enjoy, the freedom, the possibility to go to the cinema, the possibility of having a clean and warm home where we can sleep, the possibility of eating every day without starving or fighting for our food are available also to the next generations. This is what sustainability is about”

Program: Föreläsning, samtal & fika, live-musik samt avslutning med enkla närvaroövningar

Plats: Valhallavägen 148, sal 1 (ingång Valhallavägen), T-bana Karlaplan

Entré 80 kr. Te, kaffe och smörgås finns att köpa.

Mer info på ideella föreningen Bharati hemsida http://www.bharati.se eller www.facebook.com/bharatiforum